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April 14, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment

How could 18 years have passed since Liz Lauter Designs stopped manufacturing? My production company enjoyed an exciting 10 years of creative activity. My collection of silk screened textile aprons, totes, t-shirts and more evolved with the "garden" and "gourmet"  trends, selling in over 3000 gift stores and catalogs nationally and internationally.

The recession was the biggest culprit for my decision to move away from manufacturing, along with the droves of "mom & pop" gift stores who were disappearing in place of "big box" stores. It was sad to wind down my creative juices, and I've missed being away.

What have I been doing?

I'm an Art educator in Marin County, California. I teach Ceramics at a public high school, which I've been doing for the past 16 years. I absolutely love my job working every day with young people. It's such an important time in education right now to be actively promoting the importance of the Arts in our children's education and school experience.

Customers never gave up over these years still trying to purchase my aprons or t-shirts. The calls and emails eventually dwindled, but they all begged to buy my Flower Pot Aprons, or my "Big Jim" chili t-shirts. I sold what I had left, but had to say, "sold out" finally.

If I could have a wish?

It would be to be able to design and sell my products again. I'd like to put my artwork on anything I want, and not have to worry about physically manufacturing the products myself. I could then focus on just the creative part, and making sure the quality was what I expected.

Then it hit me, that it was possible now using technology. It all exists with "printing on demand" with companies who have the equipment to digitally print one image. They focus on the product and the print and they even ship it to my customer. Put that together with online storefronts, social media marketing on the internet, and HERE WE ARE!

This is the official "remake" of Liz Lauter Designs in the digital age. I hope to grow my collection of products and designs as I learn more.

My inaugural products are a recreation of my super popular t-shirt collection, THE LIZ LAUTER SEED & PLANT CO. -T-SHIRTS WITH A FRESH MESSAGE. 

I will always ask my customers and fans to keep giving me ideas for products and designs, because that's exactly what made my business grow.

1 Response

linda d McDaniel
linda d McDaniel

June 18, 2019

Found one of your aprons at a resale shop and love it. It is denim with iris looking as if they are growing out of flower pot pockets so cute and well made. Which is why is it is called Flower Pot Apron. Date is 1992, but it has never been used. Still in perfect condition. What a nice find for me.

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