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October 31, 2016 1 min read

The GINGERBREAD Sculpture Activity Cookbook was written from the experience of an art teacher and gingerbread lover who developed creative projects and techniques which really work.You can get her fun book to plan a fun holiday decorating activity.

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Liz created a unique centerpiece design using gingerbread cookies, which she calls the TREE RING Sculpture. Step by step instructions supported with illustrations make this project and her basic GINGERBREAD HOUSE Sculpture easy to make if you are a beginner, and full of creative interpretations if you have prior experience.  

attaching the roof
Liz holds the hand of beginners in her two featured project designs and supports confidence making for those who have prior experience but want to learn more with many fun ideas and suggestions. Liz goes further in her book and includes advanced techniques to make larger and more complex gingerbread sculptures with illustrations and clear descriptions. 

setting on the roof
She shares additional creative ideas for making projects, gifts, parties with kids, and creative activities with gingerbread cookies and candy for all ages. 

Liz is an accomplished designer who now prints her own designs on tee-shirts, pillows, mugs, canvases and a growing list of custom products. Visit her website to learn more about her work at


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