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November 23, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

I want to share news about some of the ceramics that I have been making: Colorfully glazed hand made Judaica menorahs! They are inspired by the Tree of Life folk art from Mexico and my love of majolica Italian ceramics. It's kind of a 3D version of floral design in clay and glaze.

I am displaying them on my art portfolio website, where you can order and see my collection. Tree of Life menorah by Liz LauterThey are selling as fast as I can make them with friends and family sharing the news with their friends. Prices range from $225 to $650, depending on the size and complexity. Each piece is hand made and unique. hand made ceramics menorahs

I make them with low fire terracotta clay, dip glaze in white majolica, then paint  with colorful designs on top. I attach sculpted flowers, leaves and birds, and add dangling birds and details to add dimension and movement. On the back side I paint another design with fewer colors. I specially pack them so they can be shipped by FedEx in the US. I haven't yet researched shipping costs for overseas.

Here is one in progress in my studio during the wet clay stage: terra cotta menorah in process by Liz Lauter

At the same time, I'm making large serving platters, bowls and plates which are also featured mostly on, and some are also on my Etsy shop LizLauterHandmade.

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Laurie Dubin
Laurie Dubin

January 07, 2020

Hi Liz – I was just working out with Julie Bernard and we were talking about the holidays and she mentioned that you make menorahs! They look gorgeous! Can we get one from you? Give me a call when you get a moment. I’m at 415-302-4600. Thanks!

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