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HAPPY HOUR Martini Tee Shirts and Tops, MARTEENI Collection

This funny martini t shirt collection of designs began as a product design commission for themed martini glasses. My challenge was to create martini glass designs which were funny martini jokes, puns and playful ideas to be manufactured into actual martini glasses.

But my submitted designs were rejected!  They were impossible to manufacture into martini glasses. They became my IMPOSSIBLE MARTINI COLLECTION of designs which I realized could instead be enjoyed on custom tee shirts for men and women, and as unisex shirts.


Mar TEE ni: A tee shirt combined with a martini, makes a MARTEENI. 

This funny t shirt collection (and other top apparel options) includes martini designs for hobbies, sports, popular topics, monuments with more on the way. You will certainly find one that will make you laugh, or for the perfect gift.